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Thumbnail with people in a circle putting their hands into the middle together, a play button and the words "the importance of pronouns"
A pile of buttons in support of inclusive pronoun usage distributed by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equity Center.
Truth to Power Graphic IG
Thumbnail with Equity Center logo and the title 'self-care: understanding and cultivating self-care'
Event flyer for Understanding the Multiplicity of Jewish Identities with portraits of the speakers

This panel sought to understand the multifaceted nature of Jewish identity and the range of experiences and identities among Jews. Panelists: Ari Israel, MA, Executive Director of the UMD HillelNilaya Knafo, Senior Program Assistant, United States...

A turquoise background with a yellow sun with the text Webinar Wednesdays, Understanding, Responding and Reporting Hate-Bias in Virtual Settings
Event details are repeated with the DTE logo over a black-and-white photo from the University Archives of mostly Black, 70s-era students protesting on the library steps

A panel with scholar-activists on the meaning of anti-Blackness and how it works systemically.

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