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TerrapinSTRONG Graduate Student Action Plan

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TerrapinSTRONG Action Plan for Graduate Students

We are so excited to have you. You are now a part of our community, striving alongside us to be TerrapinSTRONG. The Action Plan you are about to create is your opportunity to decide how you want to continue this TerrapinSTRONG journey. Use this Action Plan to commit yourselves to learning more about our community, building meaningful connections, and pursuing inclusion for a University of Maryland where everyone can reach their full potential.

If you are still in the process of taking the course, make note of any and all activities you would like to pursue after this course, at least one in each category. When you return to the course, you will tell us about the top opportunities that interest you.


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Gain Skills


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TerrapinSTRONG for Community, Connection & Inclusion in the Classroom

Engage in activities to improve community, connection, and inclusion in your classroom.

Topics: Community Academic support

TerrapinSTRONG: Actions for supervisors & administators to enhance community, connection & inclusion



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