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TerrapinSTRONG Action Plan for Supervisors & Administrators

TerrapinSTRONG: Actions for supervisors & administators to enhance community, connection & inclusion

As a new community member, your TerrapinSTRONG action plan is an important way for you to explore community, connection, and inclusion at the University of Maryland. As a leader responsible for others, there are more things you can do to further community, connection, and inclusion in your unit and beyond.

Address your Community

  • Acknowledge power dynamics in your supervisory relationships.
  • Instill pride in the university and your program.
  • Build time into your onboarding to encourage new staff to explore the campus community.
  • Implement your own TerrapinSTRONG initiatives that improve community, connection, & inclusion in your area.
  • Teach your new staff the values and expectations of your department.
  • Educate new employees on the resources available to them.
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Build Meaningful Connections

  • Create opportunities for your employees to network outside your department.
  • Encourage collaboration, especially in decision-making.
  • Support creative new approaches to the work.
  • Trust your employees to get things done.
  • Support your employees' learning & recognize their accomplishments & contributions.
  • Provide space for employees with marginalized identities to find support & belonging.
  • Demonstrate vulnerability & encourage everyone to be their authentic selves at work.
  • Make time for people to get to know each other personally.
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Advance DEIJ

  • Assign resources (people, time, & funds) to equity & inclusion initiatives.
  • Role model lifelong learning by participating in learning opportunities dedicated to your own development as an inclusive practitioner.
  • Set the explicit expectation that employees will be inclusive in word and deed.
  • Give your time as a Fostering Terp Success mentor, UndocuTerp Rapid Response Team member, or Alternative Break advisor and encourage these opportunities for your team.
  • Consider diverse representation when booking speakers, performances, & presentations.
  • Interrogate practices & procedures for equity & inclusion, especially in planning & reflection.
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