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Poster of text. Text reads: In This Room: Black lives matter, no person is illegal, women's rights are human rights, folxs with disabilities are indispensable, religious minorities make us great, LGBTQIA folxs are valued, all students are welcomed.
Anti-Racism student event flyer with portraits of the speakers
Anti-Racism teach-in flyer with portraits of the speakers

A conversation on how UMD might contemplate and adopt anti-racist practices

Topics: Anti-oppression

Anti-Racism teach-in flyer with portraits of the speakers

This series of anti-racism teach-ins gathered experts on anti-racism from UMD and beyond, including students, leaders, faculty and alums, as one action the UMD community could take as we learn to be anti-racist in the face of racism everywhere it...

Topics: Anti-oppression

Flyer for the anti racism toolkit with a statue of Testudo the terrapin
Anti-Racism practice event flyer with portraits of the speakers

In response to the worldwide uprisings against racism in summer 2020, ODI’s Diversity Training & Education (DTE) unit released an Anti-Racism Toolkit. The toolkit provided entry points into the work of anti-racism for the University of Maryland...

Topics: Anti-oppression

A turquoise background with a yellow sun with the text Webinar Wednesdays Balancing Inclusion and Free Speech in Virtual Settings.
Image of BISS brochure

A listing of on-campus, off-campus and national resources around bias

Topics: Hate & bias

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