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Diversity Training and Education

This series of four events started in October 2021 with a program featuring individuals with a diversity of intersecting Jewish and other identities. In that panel, "Understanding the Multiplicity of Jewish Identities," we focused on the lived experiences of Jewish folks on our campus and in our communities.

In the three sessions during spring semester 2022, we will ground our investigation of Jewish identity and experience of antisemitism in an exploration of history, identity, and opportunities for solidarity. We hope that this series will validate and affirm Jewish members of the UMD family and give all UMD community members greater understanding and more tools to recognize and counter antisemitism when we see it.

Antisemitism, like other forms of oppression, traffics in stereotypes, generalities, and assumptions. These tropes are all around us—in literature and popular culture and in everyday conversations on the street or on our campus. When left unexamined and unchallenged, anti-Jewish tropes can in extreme cases lead to violence and in more everyday circumstances cause microaggressions and other tensions that degrade the vibrant and inclusive climate we want UMD to be.

What’s more, as this programming series will explore, anti-Jewish bias and antisemitism work hand in hand with other forms of oppression, including anti-Black racism, anti-immigrant bias, and homophobia, to name just a few. Addressing all forms of oppression are integral to ODI's work of helping the university achieve its diversity, equity and inclusion goals, and this programming will play an important role.

We hope you will join us for a program and/or watch the recordings below.

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Poster of text. Text reads: In This Room: Black lives matter, no person is illegal, women's rights are human rights, folxs with disabilities are indispensable, religious minorities make us great, LGBTQIA folxs are valued, all students are welcomed.
Anti-Racism student event flyer with portraits of the speakers
Anti-Racism teach-in flyer with portraits of the speakers

A conversation on how UMD might contemplate and adopt anti-racist practices

This series of anti-racism teach-ins gathered experts on anti-racism from UMD and beyond, including students, leaders, faculty and alums, as one action the UMD community could take as we learn to be anti-racist in the face of racism everywhere it...

Flyer for the anti racism toolkit with a statue of Testudo the terrapin
Anti-Racism practice event flyer with portraits of the speakers

In response to the worldwide uprisings against racism in summer 2020, ODI’s Diversity Training & Education (DTE) unit released an Anti-Racism Toolkit. The toolkit provided entry points into the work of anti-racism for the University of Maryland...

Constructions of Race and Jewishness event flyer with portraits of the speakers

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg stirred up a great deal of controversy when she said that the Holocaust was “not about race.” In the aftermath, historians and Jewish organizations pointed out that for the Nazis, “Jewish” was a race. But Jewish people of...

Racial solidarity event flyer with portraits of the speakers
Event flyer for Critical Race Theory panel with portraits of the speakers

A UMD faculty panel on critical race theory and how is it used as a tool of resistance in higher education.

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