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Anti-Racist Toolkit: Transforming Knowledge to Action

In response to the worldwide uprisings against racism in summer 2020, ODI’s Diversity Training & Education (DTE) unit released an Anti-Racism Toolkit. The toolkit provided entry points into the work of anti-racism for the University of Maryland campus as we saw rapid culture shifts across many areas of the University. Student activism and demands increased, calling for more concrete actions to support Black and Brown students and to challenge the many manifestations of racism on our campus. Programming across campus provided space to process and understand the legacy of racism in our country and abroad. We hope that the Anti-Racism Toolkit provided a starting place for individuals who may not have engaged with these topics before and a building block for folx who wanted to go deeper.

To continue this momentum, the Diversity Training and Education team launched programming to offer our campus additional insights into the practice of anti-racism in our classrooms, workspaces, and daily lives. Each program in this series addresses key questions related to central themes of the toolkit: why we are still facing this problem today and how we can break the cycle. For each program, DTE has also listed a number of readings, podcasts, and videos from the Anti-Racism Toolkit. We highly recommend engaging “Suggested pre-reading” resources prior to the program to maximize your learning. “Resources to dig deeper” are also listed for individuals interested in further exploration.

Event details are repeated with the DTE logo over a black-and-white photo from the University Archives of mostly Black, 70s-era students protesting on the library steps
Event details are repeated over a photo from the University Archives of four people sitting on grass in front of a plywood structure. The structure has "U-M Divest" spray painted on it
Event details are repeated with a photo from the University Archives of two Black people looking at each other with one hand raised in the air. In the other hand, one person is holding a brimmed hat and the other person is holding a microphone. A circle of Black people seated around them look up at them.



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