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Poster of text. Text reads: In This Room: Black lives matter, no person is illegal, women's rights are human rights, folxs with disabilities are indispensable, religious minorities make us great, LGBTQIA folxs are valued, all students are welcomed.
Constructions of Race and Jewishness event flyer with portraits of the speakers

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg stirred up a great deal of controversy when she said that the Holocaust was “not about race.” In the aftermath, historians and Jewish organizations pointed out that for the Nazis, “Jewish” was a race. But Jewish people of...

Cultural appropriation icons in a row: an arrow in a bullseye, a heart with an X on one site, a street sign post showing three directions, and a megaphone

Understanding Cultural Appropriation & Halloween. Halloween - Fun for Some, Fright for Others

Event details are repeated over a photo from the University Archives of four people sitting on grass in front of a plywood structure. The structure has "U-M Divest" spray painted on it
Divided We Fall event flyer with portraits of the speakers

In 2018 a White Nationalist killed 11 worshippers at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh because he believed Jews were working to “replace” white Americans with Black and brown immigrants. That horrible moment is just one recent example in a...

Event details are repeated with a photo from the University Archives of two Black people looking at each other with one hand raised in the air. In the other hand, one person is holding a brimmed hat and the other person is holding a microphone. A circle of Black people seated around them look up at them.
Screenshot University of Maryland LGBTQA Resources video

The LGBTQ+ Equity Center's list of on-campus resources for students, staff, and faculty.

Thumbnail with a group of people in a circle with their hands together and the text "Welcome to the Rainbow Terrapin Network webinar on LGBTQ+ includion in the classroom"

Panel discussion on creating a more inclusive classroom for LGBTQ+ people

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