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Bias Incident Support Services brochure

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Download a PDF of the BISS brochure 2022

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What is bias?

  • Bias Incident: an act of hate or harm targeted at an identity group or at an individual because of their assumed membership in a group
  • Hate Crime: a criminal act (ex: theft, assault, vandalism) that is motivated by hate or bias towards an identity group or individual based on an assumed identity.
  • Hate Speech: verbal speech that attacks, vilifies, or incites hatred against a person or group based on an identity. Such speech is often protected by the First Amendment.

If you have been impacted by bias or are interested in combating bias, BISS is here for you!


BISS is a reporting option on campus for all community members. Reports can be made anonymously or not. If the person impacted desires, BISS will reach out to offer support.

Report a bias incident

Bias Dashboard

The Bias Dashboard provides information on the bias reports made to BISS over time, by identity impacted and more. This data is used to analyze and assess campus needs.

Visit the Bias Dashboard


BISS offers support to those impacted by bias. If desired, BISS will reach out to offer space, resources, and additional support or reporting options to those who have been impacted. Support can be for individuals or communities.

Note: BISS is not a judicial or sanctioning body. BISS will not contact the alleged perpetrator or share any information about the reporter.

Hate-Bias Response Team

The HBRT consists of staff from across campus who meet to discuss bias incidents and trends.

Campus Partners


BISS is an advocate for community members who have been impacted by bias. By analyzing trends in bias reports, BISS makes recommendations for improving campus.


BISS hosts many programs and events every year:

  • Stop the Hate trainings
  • The Circle (restorative spaces)
  • Free speech panels
  • And more!

Contact BISS

Report Bias
Phone: (301) 405-0980



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