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Reimagining Black Masculinities

The public’s imagination of Black men and masculinities often draws from racist attitudes, depictions, and distortions that neglect/exclude narratives of healing, self-love, vulnerability, and joy. We created space (curated by our colleague Nana Brantuo) for and with Black men to reflect on and engage in conversation on the beauties, complexities, and possibilities of Black masculinities. #BlackMasculinitiesUMD

Featured speakers:

  • Andrew Charles Ricketts, writer and content creator
  • Francisco Perez, economist and educator
  • Javier Wallace, historian and educator
  • Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, M.D. candidate and podcaster
  • Dr. Quincy T. Mills (moderator), associate professor of history at the University of Maryland
  • Nana Brantuo (event curator), doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland and adjunct professor at George Washington University



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