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Constructions of Race and Jewishness: How Antisemitism Shapes and is Shaped by the Racialization of Jewish People

Recently, Whoopi Goldberg stirred up a great deal of controversy when she said that the Holocaust was “not about race.” In the aftermath, historians and Jewish organizations pointed out that for the Nazis, “Jewish” was a race. But Jewish people of all races and ethnicities. How can both be true?

Historians and scholars of race, racism, antisemitism and Jewish identity met up for a conversation that unpacked the social construct of race as it applies to Jewish people historically and today.


  • Eric Goldstein, Judith London Evans Director of the Tam Institute for Jewish Studies and Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies at Emory University
  • Beverly Eileen Mitchell, Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History, Wesley Theological Seminary
  • Shirelle Doughty, Lecturer, Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Program and Center for Jewish Studies, University of Maryland
  • Tracie Guy-Decker (moderator), podcast co-creator and co-host, Jews Talk Racial Justice with April & Tracie

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