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Managing Election-Related Conflict in Virtual Spaces

he Zoom world in which we’re living both can exacerbate feelings around the election and alter the way we talk about it. In this brief conversation, Jazmin, Sika, and Adam from our Diversity Training & Education team discuss different ways that technology impacts the virtual classroom and work environment and how to respond to them.

Why is this important to diversity & inclusion work? When managing conflict in the classroom or work environment, the context in which it’s taking place is important to understand. For example, while communicating virtually over Zoom can create space for people to emotionally check out of a conversation, it also can heighten emotions since it lets us look and listen into each other’s homes. The virtual environment can also worsen inequalities since not everyone has access to reliable technology and internet service. We hope this video clip will help you better understand how technology affects our interactions and how to address the challenges it brings.


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