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The role of race in admissions

[W]e have a clear, loud and true message: we will remain a national leader by encouraging and supporting students of all backgrounds as they apply, enroll and graduate from the University of Maryland. The educational value of campus diversity is one we will not sacrifice.

The role of race in admissions

While we do not yet know the full impact of this decision on our admission practices, we do know that our already-unassailable commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus must strengthen and grow within the bounds of the law.

Party Queen, Behind the Scenes: Alum Highlights Black Chefs, Artists at NYC-Based Event Agency

“Most of these folks didn’t look like me,” said Mayfield. She decided to build her own event business—one that prioritized chefs of color and women-owned businesses and artists overlooked by traditional agencies.

A Community Makes Art to Honor Its History

The community-based art project was prompted by the City of College Park’s ongoing restorative justice work to renounce systemic racism and acknowledge and address the ways the city and other agencies have harmed Lakeland in the past.

Op/Ed: Affirmative Action Isn’t Hurting Asian Americans in College Admissions

The University of Maryland’s Janelle Wong, director of Asian American studies and a professor of American studies and of government and politics; and Viet Thanh Nguyen, Aerol Arnold Chair of English and professor of English, American studies and ethnicity at the University of Southern California, argue in a new Los Angeles Times essay the data don’t reveal evidence of an Asian American penalty in race-conscious college admissions.

From Paper Craft Making to Google’s UX Design Team: Leveraging Creativity to Create Equitable Experiences

Read "From Paper Craft Making to Google’s UX Design Team: Leveraging Creativity to Create Equitable Experiences" from the College of Information Studies

How a Handful of K-12 Teachers Doubled Racial Gap in Disciplinary Referrals

A small percentage of teachers is sending an outsized number of students to the principal's office—often for subjective offenses—exacerbating racial disparities in education, according to new research led by the University of Maryland.

At Robert E. Lee’s Former Residence, Researcher Opens the Door to Overlooked Legacies

“You can’t talk about this house without talking about enslavement,” she said. “There is not a space among this mansion that an enslaved person did not touch.”

UMD Receives $500K to Boost Number of Black, Latina and Native American Women in Computing

A nonprofit tech coalition has awarded the University of Maryland $500,000 to establish a program in the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing (I4C) to expand the ranks of Black, Latina and Native American (BLNA) women who earn bachelor’s degrees in computing.

Accessibility Barriers: The Challenges Blind and Low-Vision People Face in Using Personal Health Tech

Personal health tech can help people monitor and manage their health, but the blind and low-vision community face numerous barriers. They can’t access many of the features that sighted people can, making it harder to keep track of their health data.

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