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Grace Model For Responding To Online Hate

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Download the Grace Model For Responding To Online Hate PDF

Prepared by the Hate-Bias Response Team & Bias Incident Support Services at the University of Maryland.

The G.R.A.C.E Model

Remember to center the voices & experiences of those impacted by hate & bias online

Get Ready

  • Secure video conferences with passwords, private meetings, locked sharing & chat functions, etc.
  • Have others assist with facilitating meetings & moderating online forums

Respond & Report

  • Document everything—record videos, capture pictures, copy text
  • Report internally to bias units, diversity officers, campus police, or HR staff
  • Contact bias response staff and advocacy or enforcement agencies for support


  • Reach out to those impacted as soon as possible
  • Acknowledge the harm experienced
  • Offer specifics of how you’re able to support those impacted


  • Communicate with transparency: Provide accurate information and dispel misinformation
  • Include an action plan to address the incident
  • Use thoughtful, trauma-informed, inclusive language that conveys genuine empathy and concern


  • Understand the trends, laws, policies & protocols that may apply to online hate bias incidents
  • Explicitly call out hate & offer resources
  • Dismantle systems of oppression & cultivate restorative practices



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