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Supporting our community

Dear campus community,

Today, the University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD) announced the arrest of a UMD student for actions that targeted another student who is a member of the Jewish community. Behavior like this is unacceptable, and when we have the ability to charge perpetrators, we will do so. Hate has no place on our campus, and we thank UMPD for holding our community accountable.

To our Jewish friends, co-workers, fellow students, colleagues, and alumni we stand with you. We aim to support you in the ways that you need. We will work closely with Hillel, university chaplains, and student groups to provide space and resources. Our Director for Bias Response and Advocacy, an expert in trauma-informed care, is ready and willing to work directly with anyone who has been targeted or otherwise impacted.

We acknowledge that people of all backgrounds may find these charges upsetting. Please be in touch with the Counseling Center, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), or the Division of Student Affairs. We will gather the community and support one another through this, as we continue to uphold the values of this institution.


Georgina Dodge, PhD
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Patricia (Patty) A. Perillo, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs