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A History Hidden From View (Maryland Today)

Geology Students Search for Early Gravesite of Historic African American Church

UMD sees 46 hate bias incident reports in November amid violence in Israel, Palestine

The University of Maryland has seen a spike in hate bias incident reports on campus in recent weeks after a surge of violence in Israel and Palestine.

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence to Empower Teachers and Advance Equity

A Grand Challenges Q&A with Jing Liu

Discussing Blackness, Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Israel

Efrat Yerday, Ethiopian Israeli writer, activist, Ph.D. candidate and teacher, delivered a lecture titled “Between the Local and the Global: Blackness, Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Israel” in the Meyerhoff Library space on Wednesday, November 8th.

A Strong Democracy for a More Fair and Just Society

A Grand Challenges Q&A with Lena Morreale Scott

Take This Class! Disability Through a Different Lens

Film Class Examines Hollywood’s Problematic Take on People with Cognitive, Physical Challenges

A 'Simple Gay' Way to Show Pride

Alumna’s Brand Offers Different Take on LGBTQ+-themed Fashion

Doctorate Breaks Barriers for Black Women in Higher Education

Elaine Rudder Examines the "Middle Passage" from Entry Level to Senior Roles for Black Women

Dr. Bonnie Thornton Dill essay to appear in new book from Stanford University Press

Bonnie Thornton Dill publishes chapter in Moving from the Margins: Life Histories in Transforming the Study of Racism

‘We Are Still Here’

First Piscataway-Led UMD Class on Indigenous Maryland History Explores Traditions, Colonization, Contemporary Issues

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