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Pursuing Excellence through Antiracism in Higher Education

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Higher education institutions are microcosms of the larger systemic racism reflected in U.S. society; they commonly act on, and reproduce societal inequities. Instead, higher education institutions should act to eradicate racism embedded in institutional policies, procedures, practices, and everyday operations. Excellence within an increasingly diverse society requires expanding institutional capacity for an understanding of how diversity is an imperative for excellence, linking diversity to an institution’s mission. Institutional Antiracism is an active form of transformational change effort designed to alter the way institutions operate in ways that overtly or covertly contribute to and maintain racial hierarchies, inequities, and injustices. An antiracist institution must advance excellence in every domain of education and scholarship, and address threats to racial justice, by critically examining standard operating procedures, policies, assumptions, beliefs, values, and its underlying historical context.

Darryll J. Pines, PhD
Ana Mari Cauce, PhD
Sharon Fries-Britt, PhD
Daryl G. Smith, PhD
Roger L. Worthington, PhD