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NYT’s 1619 Project: Historical Roots of the Pandemic’s Racial Disparities

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Black Americans have experienced a vastly disproportionate death rate during the Covid-19 pandemic, magnifying and revealing persistent inequalities that remain an undeniable force in this country. A recent cover story in The New York Times Magazine addressed these tragic disparities and showed how they are connected to a history of systemic racism in the United States. This same history was explored in the magazine’s landmark 1619 Project last summer. Join us for a conversation about how this country’s past has affected its present disparate health outcomes. Guests: Linda Villarosa, NYT Magazine contributing writer, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning domestic correspondent and creator of the 1619 Project; Jeneen Interlandi, NYT editorial board member and staff writer for the magazine. Hosted by Jake Silverstein, editor in chief of the magazine. RSVP here.