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Latinx Connect Conference

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The Latinx Connect virtual conference from the University of Pittsburgh aims to move us beyond “celebrating” Latinxs during Hispanic Heritage Month and instead calls for critical conversations about identity, advocacy, activism, empowerment, and justice for the Latinx community, which faces numerous disparities in U.S. society, particularly at the intersections of Latinx identity (e.g. Afro-Latinxs, Indigenous Latinx, queer and Trans* Latinxs, undocumented Latinxs).

The 3-day virtual conference is completely free, virtual, and open to anyone who wishes to further their understanding of the Latinx community, is a co-conspirator to, and/or seeks to empower the Latinx community. Participants will discuss what it means to be Latinx/a/o/e/Hispanic in relation to intersectional identities, education, immigration, public health, arts and culture, and other topical areas.