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Request Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship funds currently unavailable

As of September 16, 2022, we unfortunately are not able to financially sponsor any new events. We will still be happy to consider any requests for logo use, but sadly we cannot provide funding at this time.


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion understands the value of supporting on-campus events and activities that advance diversity and inclusion at The University of Maryland.

Sponsorship requests for all units within the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) will be managed through this process. ODI units include: ADA Compliance, Bias Incident Support Services, Diversity Training & Education, LGBTQ+ Equity Center, Nyumburu Cultural Center, Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education and TerrapinSTRONG. Please use the sponsorship submission link below to request funding and/or the use of ODI’s logo as a co-sponsor.


  • UMD sponsorship requests must align with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) mission (below) or must foster dialogue and collaboration around equity, diversity, and inclusion to promote the university’s core values.
    • Mission statement: We provide leadership and expertise for helping the university achieve its diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Guided by social justice principles, we cultivate a vibrant learning and working community for all members.
  • Requestors must submit sponsorship requests thirty (30) working days or more before the event/program. Requests are accepted at any time during the calendar year.
  • All requestors must collaborate with a staff member from ODI. Please contact your ODI collaborator before naming them on the submission form.
  • Availability of sponsorship funding is limited. To ensure an all campus reach of the sponsorship funds, funding may not be approved at the total requested amount.
  • Funding is provided as a one-time transfer of funds in the current fiscal year. Subsequent funding requires a new request.
  • While requestors who desire funding support must submit an itemized budget for their event/program, ODI’s co-sponsorship funding is to be understood as applying to the event overall, rather than supporting one specific line item.
  • Requests for the following events/programs will not be funded: professional development opportunities, course buyout, conference registration and travel for an individual, and event/program considered to be primarily social in nature.
  • All funds are disbursed by transfer to a valid campus KFS account. Funds will not be transferred to a non-university account.

If sponsorship is approved

  • Requestor’s marketing materials must list the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and/or one or more of ODI’s units as a sponsor in all advertising, printed programs, and other related communications. By request, logos may be provided for use in advertisement and printed materials.
  • Requestor should provide event/program information at least two (2) weeks before event/program so that ODI may promote through its communication channels.
  • Requestor must provide a brief summary of the outcome of the event/program (and photos, as available) within two (2) weeks after its conclusion.
  • It will not be expected that ODI will make any event/program arrangements on behalf of the requestor.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above will impact consideration of future requests.
  • Should the event/program be canceled, sponsorship funding must be returned.

Checklist of information needed to complete the request form

  1. Full name of requestor
  2. Email of requestor
  3. Title of requestor
  4. Unit or organization
  5. Briefly describe the mission of your unit or organization
  6. ODI collaborator
  7. Event/program name
  8. Date, time, and location of event/program (actual or proposed)
  9. Briefly describe the event/program
  10. Explain how this event/program promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion either on or off campus
  11. Explain how this effort fosters dialogue around equity, diversity, and inclusiveness
  12. Intended primary audience for this event/program, including size and demographics
  13. Marketing strategy for reaching the intended primary audience
  14. If requesting funding:
    1. Total budgeted cost for the event/program
    2. Please provide an itemized budget for all costs associated with the event/program
    3. Amount of support requested from the Office of Diversity & Inclusion
    4. Has the Office of Diversity & Inclusion sponsored this event/program in the past?
  15. Please provide a list of all UMD sponsors providing funding and/or logo use for this event/program
    1. Please provide a list of prospective UMD sponsors that denied funding this event/program and why (if applicable)
    2. KFS account to credit, if approved
Sponsorship Submission