Hate-Bias Response Program

In alignment with the overarching missions and goals of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Hate-Bias Response Program (HBRP) is charged with responding, educating and reporting to the campus about hate-bias incidents. The program manager for hate-bias response oversees hate-bias reporting and response, the coordination of campus support services to individuals affected by hate-bias incidents, and prevention programming and efforts.


The Hate-Bias Response Program (HBRP), is charged with addressing incidents of hate and bias targeting UMD students, faculty, and staff. The program responds, educates and reports to the campus community about hate and bias, its impact, as well as protocols related to hate and bias. The program is housed within the Office of Diversity Inclusion and is overseen by the program manager for hate-bias response.


The Hate-Bias Response Program is committed to holistically addressing hate-bias incidents that target UMD community members by focusing on incident response and support, pro-active training and education initiatives, and data collection and distribution.

Response and Support

The HBRP staff coordinate and facilitate support and response for those impacted by hate-bias incidents.

Hate-Bias Training

Through cross campus collaboration, the HBRP provides training and education focused on preventing and responding to hate and bias. The program manager provides expertise and consultation to units across campus on matters related to hate and bias.

Data Collection and Distribution

The HBRP staff collects and analyzes data related to hate-bias incidents which allows for the evaluation of trends, the assessment of training needs and strategizing of prevention efforts.

Response and Support

If you would like to report a hate-bias incident in person at ODI, you may do so during walk in hours on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 4pm. Otherwise, you are welcomed to schedule an appointment by calling ODI’s main number at 301-405-2838. You can make an online report by choosing Make A Report from the menu above.

Report a Hate-bias incident

The University of Maryland values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive and respectful campus for students, faculty and staff. Acts of hate, bias, intimidation, and threats are unacceptable behaviors that go against our university’s core values. If you have been impacted by and/or have witnessed a hate-bias incident, you can file a report by completing the online form.

To report an incident of hate-bias you may contact UMPD by calling:

Emergency: 911 or 301.405.3333 - Mobile Phone #3333

Non-Emergency: 301.405.3555