Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Hate-Bias Response Team


The Hate-Bias Response Team consists of multidisciplinary professionals across UMD’s campus. The team works collaboratively to provide appropriate responses to hate-bias incidents. The team ensures that there is a more streamlined and effective process for handling hate-bias incidents and provides support to impacted parties. The team does not seek to limit academic freedom and strives to foster a campus community where students, faculty, and staff of all identities feel welcomed and supported.


The goals of the hate-bias response team are to:

  • Implement and continuously improve a streamlined system for the campus community to report hate-bias incidents
  • Provide a coordinated response to hate-bias incidents with input from impacted individuals and key stakeholders
  • Provide immediate support for those impacted by hate-bias incidents.
  • Monitor patterns of hate and bias incidents on campus in order to provide recommendations to university leadership for trainings, programs, policies and practices
  • Continuously engage the campus community members in education, dialogue, and awareness around hate and bias
  • Implement and continuously improve a system for communicating reports of hate-bias incidents to the campus community.

Hate-Bias Response Team Members

The offices represented on the Hate-Bias Response Team in alphabetical order are:

  • The Counseling Center
  • The Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct
  • The Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Office of Resident Life
  • The Office of Strategic Communications
  • The University Health Center
  • The University of Maryland Police Department

Key Collaborators

The Hate-Bias Response Team also works closely with various divisions across campus. These include:

  • The Graduate Student Government
  • The LGBTQ Equity Center
  • The Nyumburu Cultural Center
  • The Office of Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy [MICA]
  • The Office of Student Conduct
  • The Student Government Association
  • The University Chaplains
  • The University of Maryland Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life


What is a Hate-Bias Incident?

Generally, hate-bias incidents are acts characterized by some expression of hate or bias against a particular group, or towards an individual because of their membership (or perceived membership) in that group. Hate-bias incidents may range from acts considered to be offensive to actions that cause harm.

Although hate-bias incidents sometimes constitute hate crimes or discrimination (as defined under the University’s Non-Discrimination Policy), not all hate-bias incidents rise to the level of a hate crime or discrimination.

What is a Hate Crime?

A hate crime is a criminal act (against person or property) that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s hate or bias towards a particular individual or group because of membership in that group (as defined by law).

How do I report a hate-bias incident?

For information on to report an hate-bias incident, please see the hate-bias response protocol here.

Can I report a hate-bias incident anonymously?

You may report a hate-bias incident anonymously, however, the ability of the Hate-Bias Response Team to respond to anonymous reports is limited.

Can I file a report if I am not a student or employee of the university?

Yes, individuals who are not affiliated with the University of Maryland, College Park, may complete the Incident Reporting Form on ODI’s website.

How can I get involved?

There are several opportunities to help stop hate and bias on our campus. Please visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s website, for information on diversity training, education and events.

Where are the resources for Hate-Bias Incidents?

For a list of on and off campus resources, click here.