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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Dialogue Mini-Grants for?

To support UMD student organizations in sponsoring dialogues and events that foster deeper engagement and understanding about identity and difference.

Who is eligible for the Dialogue Mini-Grant?

Any UMD-registered student organization OR any UMD student group that is sponsored by a UMD department, unit or program.

What's the maximum amount awarded?


Can the grant be used to bring in a speaker?

Yes, if there are built-in, structured opportunities for participants to engage and interact around the topic or issues -- more than the usual brief Q & A. The aim is to support events that provide more opportunities for interaction than the typical lecture or presentation.

Can the grant be used for food?


Is there a deadline for applying?

No, applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

When will I be notified whether I've been funded?

Within 2 weeks

Who decides which projects are funded?

A review team from the President's Student Advisory Council on Diversity along with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion

How do we apply?

Download the application from this page. Complete it and email it to OR send to her via the link on this page.

Where can I get more detailed info?

See the link to the Request for Proposals on this page.

Mini-Grant Program

The Maryland Dialogues on Diversity and Community have been launched by President Loh in order to increase the campus community’s awareness, knowledge and skills related to diversity and inclusion. Recent national events, such as those in Charleston and Ferguson, help to frame the importance of the Dialogues. Moreover, events closer to home, including the misogynist and sexist email written by a UMD student and the renaming of Byrd Stadium, bring even greater urgency to this initiative. The Dialogues begin in Spring 2016 and are expected to continue over several years. The initial focus will be on race, race relations, and racial justice; however, the aim is to address racial issues from an intersectional perspective, thus acknowledging the importance of other identity dimensions, such as gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and socioeconomic status. Moreover, proposals that do not focus on race will also be considered.

The President’s Student Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion, in concert with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI), is seeking proposals from UMD student groups for events and activities that further the goals of the Maryland Dialogues on Diversity and Community. Each awardee can receive up to $750.00. All proposed projects will be considered as long as funds remain available.

Program Goals

The Dialogue Mini-Grants aim to help students and student organizations:

  • Understand more deeply their own and others' identities and the implications of diverse identities for creating an inclusive campus and world;
  • Enhance awareness of their assumptions and biases related to difference, particularly racial and ethnic differences;
  • Strengthen skills in communicating and interacting across difference about issues related to identity and difference;
  • Deepen understanding of, and commitment to, the values of equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Develop more meaningful and productive relationships amongst students and student groups of different cultural or social identities, such that learning occurs, and new alliances are forged, and the culture of the University shifts.

Useful Links

Download the Request for Proposals and application form.

Submit your application. (This link opens an email to our office. Don't forget to attach your completed application to the email.)