Equity Diversity in Hiring

The University of Maryland’s approach to equity and diversity in hiring has several key components. Together, they reflect our commitment to casting our recruitment nets as broadly as possible to enhance the quality of our candidate pools; they also affirm our belief that excellence and diversity are complementary standards in the recruitment process. The key components are the Equity Council, Procedures and Guidelines for Conducting Searches at The University of Maryland, and the Equity Charge (see below).

The University’s standards and procedures are documented in the Procedures and Guidelines for Conducting Searches at The University of Maryland. The Guidelines serve several important purposes in the hiring process. First, they are meant to ensure that each search conducted at the University encourages a diversity of participants from the beginning of the process—the creation of the search committee—to the end, the selection of a diverse group of finalists and employees.

Our procedures actively promote the establishment of sound and relevant selection criteria and also the application of strategies that promote affirmative action in the hiring process. These procedures reflect legal considerations and also a broader interest in developing and sustaining an educational institution of the highest quality - an institution capable of promoting the most advanced and forward-thinking research and scholarship, and developing the most proficient and capable citizenry. To achieve this goal, our institution must reflect the tremendous diversity of people, scholarship/research, and interests to be found in this country and around the globe.

In addition, these guidelines are also intended to encourage searches that are equitable and transparent. Each person who applies for employment at Maryland should feel that his/her credentials have been fairly considered through well publicized and rigorous standards of practice. Each Maryland employee serving on a search committee should feel secure that his/her contributions will be valued and utilized. Search processes should never be called into question, because outcomes are thought to be fixed or pre-ordained. Ideally, every member of the University of Maryland community who participates in our search processes should feel proud that we conduct our searches

The Equity Charge

As the Equity Administrator for the Division of Academic Affairs, the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) is responsible for delivering a charge to committees at the beginning of the search process for new faculty and staff. The CDO has delegated this responsibility to the Deputy Chief Diversity Officer and the Program Coordinator in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The charge draws the search committee’s attention to the existence of the Procedures and Guidelines. Members of the committee are encouraged to become familiar with the document, which governs search procedures for regular faculty appointments. The need for the search committee to actively identify and pursue candidates from underrepresented groups is emphasized. Committees are also briefed on questions and behaviors to avoid during interviews that could be construed as discriminatory.