The Diversity Advisory Council

The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is meant to play an important leadership role: helping the campus move forward to ensure that the university continues as one of the nation’s higher education leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a broadly representative body, the Diversity Advisory Council will give a central voice to the needs and visions of diverse groups at all levels of the campus community.


"The university will create a campus-wide diversity advisory council with representatives from all divisions, schools/colleges, graduate and undergraduate student bodies, and other appropriate units to play a key role in advising the chief diversity officer regarding diversity decision-making, planning, and training."

Strategic Plan for Diversity: Recommendations—Goal A.1 C


The DAC is a standing committee that advises and makes recommendations to the Chief Diversity Officer on
  • The implementation of the Strategic Plan for Diversity, specifically the development of priorities and action plans that address the six broad areas of Leadership, Climate, Recruitment and Retention, Education, Research and Scholarship, and Community Engagement;
  • New policies and initiatives that foster the goals of the Strategic Plan for Diversity;
  • Organizational and structural changes to implement aspects of the Strategic Plan for Diversity, for example, training, education, assessment;
  • Promotion of diversity as a core value of the university.

Chair and Membership

The Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President is the Chair of the DAC.

Members are appointed for three-year terms.

Nominations are solicited from the Deans, the University Senate, the Student Government Association, Graduate Student Government, the Vice Presidents and others. The aim is to convene a Council that is diverse with respect to representation of the campus and with respect to ethnicity, gender, and other identity domains.

The Council consists of 24 members constituted as follows:
  • 4 students
  • 8 exempt and non-exempt staff
  • 6 faculty
  • 6 positional members: the Chief Diversity Officer; the Chairs of the four President’s Commissions (Disability Issues, Ethnic Minority Issues, LGBT Issues, Women’s Issues); a staff member from Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment (IRPA).


The DAC meets four (4) times during the academic year: September, November, February, and April. Additional work between meetings occurs via email and in sub-committees.

DAC Membership List (PDF)

Listing includes:
Nominated Members
Positional Members
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Staff